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Visual Experimenter     |     Look Development Artist     |     Designer

My name is Ivan and love exploring things that concerns creativity and design. I’m always open to opportunities and looking into new and fun ways of creating & visualizing things. I love working with people and what excites me most is to work with talented, passionate and committed people, to achieve success!


iOS Application Developer / Designer

Hello! I’m Ryan and im responsible for the development of iOS apps, including Countdown. I had an interests for programming because I liked the challenges it brings and the adrenaline you get when you’ve solve a problem that’s been bugging you for a while. I’m also a fan of Apple products and the attention to detail they pay in every aspect of their hardware and software. Naturally, my programming interest and adoration for Apple fused – I picked up iOS development. In fact, with no background knowledge about Objective-C (the native language used to write programs for Apple products.), I picked up the basics of iOS development within weeks! Unbelievably, to my friends and myself, I was reading up on iOS development books in the trains and began programming during my free time. I then declared myself as a nerd.

On 12 May 2014, I released my first iOS application in the App Store